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Don’t let mining harm Sheep Creek and the Smith River.  Please tell Montana’s mining regulators at the Department of Environmental Quality and Governor Steve Bullock that Sheep Creek and the Smith River are too important to risk.

Governor Steve Bullock:  (406) 444-3111    governor@mt.gov    Office of the Governor, PO Box 200801, Helena, MT  59620

Director Tom Livers:  (406) 444-2544     tlivers@mt.gov      DEQ, PO Box 200901, Helena, MT  59620


Montana’s Wild and Native Trout Need YOU.

Montana’s premiere wild trout fisheries and angling didn’t happen by accident. They exist today because conservation-minded anglers were vigilant and acted when action was needed. Here are some of the current hot-button issues that need your voice and support.



What we love most about Montana is at grave risk. Please let your elected officials know that you won't tolerate any attempts to exploit or seize our public lands.

To sign a petition, visit KEEP IT PUBLIC today!


Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), including diseases, are easily spread from one water body to the other. Southwest Montana is seeing species including curly-leaf pondweed, eurasian water milfoil, and New Zealand mudsnail. More recently, a nearby section of the Missouri River is suspect for zebra or quagga mussel larvae. Though not in our chapter's jurisdiction of conservation efforts, per se, this suspect species does (and should) concern all Montanans. It would be very easy for this larvae to quickly multiply, severely damage damage structures, displace native species and upset the entire ecosystem. Anglers, boaters, construction workers, pond owners, gardeners, seaplane pilots, field workers - virtually anyone who works or plays in or around water can unknowingly transport these pests on their boats and equipment or allow them to spread via improper management practices. It only takes one mistake to potentially infest a new water body. WHAT CAN YOU DO? To protect Montana's waters and native aquatic species, all recreationalists must take personal resonsibility to CLEAN.DRAIN.DRY.